Could sleeping habits effect work performance?

Struggling at Work

Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate at work?  Are you having more errors in your work?  Forgetting important tasks?  Are you coming in late?  Do you find yourself refilling that coffee cup several times a day?  All of these can be signs that you're not sleeping enough. 

Impact of Not Enough Sleep

  • Decreased communication
  • Poor performance
  • Work related injury risk increases 
  • Driving accident risk increase 
  • Memory is impaired which leads to forgotten tasks
  •  Inappropriate behavior can occur 

What this Means for Business

The CDC reports 1.2 million lost working days and up to a $411 billion cost to the economy each year due to tired employees! This is a massive problem for employers. 

March survey on sleep and the U.S. workplace from CareerBuilder (conducted by Harris Poll) reported that 58 percent of 32,000 workers surveyed said they weren't getting enough sleep, and 61 percent said that sleep deprivation affected their work. For some, it's a vicious cycle: 44 percent of workers said that just thinking about work kept them up at night. Source



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